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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What is the clean and safe seal?
    Clean & Safe Seal A. The Clean & Safe Seal means that the business is compliant and committed to health and safety recommendations issued by the National Tourism Authority according to National Health Authority guidelines. This involves employee training and an updated rigorous internal protocol for health and safety measures to not only keep guests safe but also employees in and around properties and the work place healthy and alert. The protocols will be implemented and certification applied across all properties gradually following national health guidelines over the following weeks. For more information, please visit the Clean & Safe website

  2. Q. What measures are in place to keep guests safe?
    A. Our number one priority at Smartavillas is providing the best and safest experience for our guests. That means training all of our staff in safety protocols involving COVID-19. We have implemented new hygiene rules such as the need to not only thoroughly clean surfaces but to also disinfect and sanitize them. Special attention is paid to:
    • Kitchen countertops, bathrooms, door handles, light switches, etc.
    • All kitchen utensils will be rewashed before the arrival of guests.
    • Air conditioning filters will be cleaned after each departure

    Aside from new cleaning protocols, we have established new check-in check-out methods, protocols for handling suspected infections, assigned areas for isolation and provided cleaning and isolation kits for both guests and employees.

  3. Q.How are properties kept clean?
    A. As mentioned above, we are taking cleaning extremely seriously and thus have implemented stringent protocols on using an effective and wide range of cleaning products including bleach, sanitizer and window cleaner while removing decorative ornaments and elements that may prove to difficult to clean and thus avoiding any risk of contamination. We have also removed any and all books, magazines, rugs, decorative pillows and ornaments, as we realize that, though they may make properties cozier, they are also potential problem spots for infection. If there is a problem with a property that requires the assistance of a member of staff, they will only enter with the express permission for the guest. When entering, the staff will wear personal protective equipment

  4. Q. How do we handle check-in and out?
    A. Wherever possible, we will recommend "self-check-in". This does not mean that Smartavillas will not care for the guest. We will be in contact at any and all times providing any necessary assistance to the guest so they may arrive and settle in with ease. However, when "self-check-in" is not available, we have adopted strict social distancing guidelines and cleaning habits such as wearing a mask, avoiding physical contact and carrying alcohol based hand disinfectant. Smartavillas is also committed to informing guests about all avenues of information and assistance such as the National Health Service (SNS24)(808 24 24 24).

  5. Q. How do we handle suspected cases of COVID-19
    A. Smartavillas has adopted recommended protocols according to national authorities. Following ALEP (Portuguese Association of AL) and DGS (General Directorate of Health) Guidance, if a person presents with the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty in breathing accompanied by headache and pain in the body, then people should not go directly to the hospital or health centre, but call the SNS24 line first (tel. 808 24 24 24). We are also fully aware of certain language barriers or difficulties in reaching/contacting SNS24 that may exist in this situation and have thus ensured that any guest will receive upon arrival a phone number for direct contact with a person in charge of the AL who can then support the guest. Smartavillas has also designated areas within every property that can act as isolation areas in case a suspected case may need to isolate. This will allow for guests to safely and comfortably await the arrival of health authorities.

  6. Q. Are swimming pools safe?
    A. Though according to the DGS, pool water hasn"t been found to transmit infections, Smartavillas has adopted a rigorous cleaning protocol for pools that involves regular cleaning and checks to ensure optimum quality and levels. If the pool is communal, then rules of the condominium management will also be clearly displayed in the property.